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How can it be

that we offer you one of the world`s most sought after teas for an unbeatable low price? The answer is simple: since its early days in 1985, our supplier, the German "Teekampagne", believes in its "campaign principle"! The Tea Campaign Canada as its retailer follows these principles, which are:


We sell only high grade FTGFOP1 Darjeeling tea. Nothing else. Simplicity reduces costs.


We buy in bulk. Bulk saves money.

Direct Trade:

Teekampagne buys directly from the tea gardens in Darjeeling. No middlemen are involved.

High Quality:

All our teas are organic certified. Each batch is additionally tested on all kind of possible chemical residues. After each harvest the high graded teas are carefully selected by the "Teekampagne" and their teamasters. Only top qualities will make it to you!

Large Packets:

Tea stores pretty well for long periods of time. The use of large packets saves on packaging, labeling and handling costs.

One Year`s Supply:

Most of our customers buy their year`s supply at a time. This saves shipping costs for them and warehouse costs for us.

Close Contact To Our Customers:

We inform our customers about the arrival of a new harvest. Our customers spread the news. They help us to reduce marketing expenses. We pass these savings - like all other savings - along to our customers!

Drink Tea Campaign, Tea Association of Canada


What does the consumer know about fair trade?

October 18, 2016

                                Fair trade can be fraught with problems when trying to determine the level of awareness of the consumer. Beyond the superficiality of not wanting to consume a product that was produced through human suffering, a somewhat nefarious and general assertion, what exactly does it mean to consciously seek out a product, coffee or tea, in the main, that is produced along fair trade terms? Put another way, how aware of fair trade as a system to foster alternate trade and justice in the supply chain, are consumers of at retail, online or otherwise?                Before undertaking to qualify the answer, it’s worth understanding a...

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Main import countries for Darjeeling tea. Canada "far beyond Eden".

August 05, 2016

The latest data from tell us that from July 05. - August 03.2016 the bulk of Darjeeling tea was exported to Germany (46.93%), The Netherlands (20.15%) and Japan (12.47%). This is a total of 79.55%! The forth-largest importer during this period of time are the US (7.12%), followed by Canada with 2.31%. If we compare the value of the Canadian import (16,520.18USD) with that of Germany (335,749.17USD) we clearly see that Canada is still a micro-importer of this sought after tea. The question is: what can be done that Canadians get aware of the unique taste of Darjeeling tea and more of this tea is imported and consumed? We at Tea Campaign Canada do our best, but more action...

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