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Ottawa: too many tea lovers?

This question came into my mind when I tried to borrow 10 minutes ago a tea book at the Ottawa Public Library. I checked their website for Kevin Gascoyne´s book Tea: History. Terroirs. Varieties. But to my big surprise, all copies were in use: the 4 copies of the 2011 edition as well as the one copy of the 2014 edition! But even worse: there are 7 (in words: seven!) holds on the 2014 edition!


Conclusion No. 1: there must be quite a number of tea lovers in town (from my current point of view too many -:)! For that: it´s not "even worse" that there are so many borrows and holds, it´s fantastic! But even better: Kevin Gascoyne´s Tea: History. Terroirs. Varieties is one of the best tea books written so far. For that:

conclusion No. 2: those "borrowers" and "on holders" are not simply interested in information about tea, they are interested in high quality-information about tea! And that´s the even more fantastic aspect! For that:

conclusion No. 3: there must be not only a number of tea lovers, but quite a number of high quality-tea lovers in this town! And tea-fanatics use loose leaf tea, not tiny tea particles squeezed in small bags (which should not be condemned, but those teas are simply less tasty)! For that:

second last conclusion: the Supermarket-tea bags should be scared (at least a little bit...)! The tea-informatics are on their way!

Final conclusion: I will buy the book! I will order it online. I will enjoy some nice cups of tea until it arrives (and while reading, and after, and after that too)! And I will think about the question: are there too many tea lovers in town? Or better I don´t. Because I know already my conclusion: it´s a stupid question!

Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn
Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn


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