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Tasteless tea on the forward march!

That´s something one could believe when reading the following in the 2015 Canadian Tea Fact Sheet & Trends: According to the Canadian Food Trends to 2020... tea consumption is expected to jump 40% by 2020, as growing consumer interest in health and wellness has led to increased awareness of tea’s functional benefits. 40% increase: ok, good for us. By 2020: not more too far away. Functional benefits: fine.

But stop: which benefits? Antioxidants? Even if repeated a millions of times: there´s is a little problem: so far there is no scientific prove that they cause any (positive) effect in human bodies (see more regarding this subject in some of my former blog posts). There are tons of websites listing the health benefits of tea, but the only thing that is definitely proved: transforming tea into a health and wellness product helps to increase sales. Healthy pockets! At least!

Why degrading tea to a functional product? I personally, I don´t want to get a prescription from my doctor for a delicious Yunnan Yin Zehn or a Darjeeling Chontong and pick it up 2 hours later in the pharmacy. What did I say? Delicious? Here it is! That´s what I´m missing! Delicious. These "Hm", "Ahs" and "Ohs". That´s what I expect from a tea! A sensation. A taste. A great taste. And: aromas! My brain full of aromas. All the aromas hanging between the market in Omdurman (Sudan) and Aceh (Sumatra), all in my brain! It´s about flavour, not about pharmacies!

So, what do I do with all this? I don´t know. May be I´m simply on the wrong track. The report, published in 2005, clearly says: "Tea will enjoy even faster growth over the next decade and a half as consumers seek variety in hot beverages and accept tea for its functional benefits." And what do I do? I sell teas from one single origin. And I prefer taste, aromas flavour, mouth feel, in short, all those things that are obviously out of date. I´m not functional. I´m emotional!

But it comes worse: The 2015 Canadian Tea Fact Sheet & Trends tells me that "Tea consumers have an average of 11 tea types of tea in their cupboard." I HAVE ONLY ONE in my cupboard! I´m lost! "All my love in vain". I´m done! At least for now. I have to pick up my daughters! (I have two of them. Two very different "types". May be I´m not done!)


Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn
Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn


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