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Tea Time News: The Vanitea Room opened in Ottawa!

Hey there, the Tea Campaign Canada is taking a quick second to update you on some local news in our home base of Ottawa. Ottawa has a decent selection of coffee shops from large companies like Tim Horton's or Starbucks and local chains like Bridgehead to small independent roaster/cafes like Happy Goat Coffee or Equator Coffee. But, the tea gets overshadowed by emphasis on the coffee - the beans, the roasting, and the brewing.

Where's the tea lovers in Ottawa supposed to go?

Now, in addition to the Teastore or The Tea Party Cafe, tea lovers in Ottawa will have a new place to sit and sip. On March 26th The Vanitea Room has opened its doors to the public. We're happy that a new local business is nurturing tea culture and can familiarize the public on the many types and complexities of tea, and encourage slow enjoyment and ritual.

If you find yourself near 551 Somerset W. Check it out! We did already, and we have to say: there´s a new style in town!


Freya Bauer
Freya Bauer


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The Vanitea Room
The Vanitea Room

May 18, 2016

Thank you for such a warm reception! Hope to see you all there!:-)

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