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On Business — It’s About Resilience + Passion

Recently, on a flight out West, I watched a niche coffee documentary on a Barista competition in the US. Here’s what I learnt:

1.   Culinary Coffee, as shown in the film, requires trial and error, with various concoctions not necessarily working out. In business, this is going to happen more often then naught. Acceptance of this fact,whether in coffee or business, is a must.

2.   Being positive in the face of adversity will see you through rough times. The competitors in the film strive for excellence despite low wages and little recognition for their chosen craft; a business career will pose a myriad of challenges that call for the same grit and determination.

3.   Outcomes are what matter in the end. In business, as in competitive coffee, to win is subjective, be it in the form of money, recognition, or something else. The point is to win.

4.   You must have passion to be successful. A Barista competition is about as ‘niche’ as it’s going to get. This doesn’t deter the competitors to follow their calling with passion and creativity — the same holds true in business.

5.   Finally, financial rewards matter, but, in the end passion for what you’re doing trumps money.

Matthew Healy
Matthew Healy


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