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Buy your year´s supply and save money

We are well prepared for the winter season. Last week arrived our second shipment with our Darjeeling tea here in Ottawa. All our six different teas, from First Flush to Green Tea, made it from the Fulfillment Centre in Germany to the Fulfillment Centre in Ottawa we collaborate with.

Everybody who buys our tea starts from now on saving money due to our large 250g, 500g and 1000g bags! But our low prices are not only a result of our larger bags, it´s also because there are no middle between the producers and us on one hand and between us and the customer on the other hand. The tea is bought directly from the tea gardens in Darjeeling and shipped, after it is packed and labelled, directly from us to our customers, bypassing the retail.

Our principle is: save costs wherever it is possible and reasonable - but pay a good price to the producers! Based on this principle we are able to build the bridge between high quality and low price, something that usually is contradictory. But with the right strategy it works and enables more people to enjoy a wonderful, but usually expensive tea.

Last but not least, an important element within this strategy is the year´s supply. We engage our customers to buy the quantity of tea that they consume within one year - from one harvest to the next. Ideally for us is, if all our customers would buy their year´s supply at the arrival of a new harvest. This allows us to operate without an own warehouse and reduces our costs tremendously - savings that we pass on to our customers. And it helps us to "build the bridge between high quality and low price".

Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn
Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn


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