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First Ottawa Marketing Meetup

For someone who is relatively new in a country, as in my case  – I moved in 2007 from a tiny village close to the „Black Forest“ in Germany to Canada´s capital Ottawa - it is important to meet people, privately and in business. I tried my best so far, but interestingly I never came up with the idea to attend one of the numerous Meetups organized by numerous people in town.

A few weeks ago I accidentally found an announcement: “First Ottawa Marketing Meetup”, organized by Ryan Parent. Just having launched my new “Teacampaign”-website, I thought it might be a good chance to make contact with (online) marketing specialists and online-store owners.

To make it short: it was a good chance! With Ryan as performer on stage and his partner John as “door keeper” at the main entrance of “Invest Ottawa”, it was an interesting and entertaining evening. But it was less the content that made the evening enjoyable. It was more John´s friendly welcoming, at a pretty windy entrance, and Ryan’s passion and humbleness that filled that second floor, bunker-like room at “Invest Ottawa”.

But the best meeting is only worth half without an “extension” in a neighbouring pub. To make it short again: we had a nice extension! It was great to talk to the people I was sitting next to, people like Fred, Wojtec or Zac. We were talking about website-management, editing, marketing. We were talking about sex, drugs and rock´n… no no, sorry, I mean about tea, coffee and gluten free bread, but also about where we all originated from (a typical Canadian conversation), what we did in the past and what we expect from the future. Nice talk, nice people.

I`m excited about attending our next Meetup on December 29. I hope to learn more about marketing strategegies, but I also hope that I can bring in my own knowledge and experiences.

Here you can find more informations about the first “Ottawa Marketing Meetup”.

Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn
Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn


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