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Entrepreneurs, Education, Donations: Tea Campaign Canada Changes Tack (Part2/2)

The support and the promotion of young entrepreneurs was from the very beginning a central matter for Prof. Faltin, the founder of the Teekampagne. Prof. Faltin, a well-known economist who travels the world to teach and talk about entrepreneurship founded in 1985 the Teekampagne to prove that it is possible to sell an expensive, high quality product like tea for a much lower price. And with the Teekampagne he proved that one can swim successfully against the stream!

Not only has his Teekampagne become successful, but also other companies which were inspired by the Teekampagne´s principles: buy directly, sell in larger quantities, ship directly to the customer. To spread his ideas, the Entrepreneurship-foundation, founded in 2001 by Prof. Faltin and his colleague Prof. Winterhager, organizes every year a steadily growing "Entrepreneurship Summit" in Berlin/Germany. Last year, in 2014, 1700 (potential) entrepreneurs and over 100 speakers attended the summit.

Tea Campaign Canada follows this track. However, other than the Entrepreneurship-foundation, our focus is on kids and teenagers. It can never be too early to start a business!

And, on the other hand, it can never be too late to learn (e.g. from good TV-programs)!

How our "YOU buy - WE donate - YOU save"-concept works.

Here, one more time, are the organizations we decided to donate to (in teamwork with our customers):

Junior Achievement

The Learning Partnership


All organizations are engaged in areas where the Tea Campaign Canada will be engaged in as well - indirectly through its donations to them. Junior Achievement and The Learning Partnership have a central focus on teaching kids and teenagers the skills they need to become an entrepreneur, and TVO is a great educational TV-station in Ontario which supplies its viewers on every weekday with excellent, highly informative discussions and documentaries.

There are three novelties in our "YOU buy - WE donate - YOU save"-concept:

a.) It´s not the customer who donates! The customer asks us, The Tea Campaign Canada, to make a donation!

b.) The customer selects from the above-mentioned organizations a maximum of 2 organizations. Depending on the size of the package the Tea Campaign Canada donates one or two dollars per selection.

c.) The price for the tea a customer buys drops! He saves the same amount on his purchase as the amount he asks us to donate! Ever heard about something like this? And, to make it quite clear: the donations we make are not added beforehand to the regular tea price! It´s definitely paid out of the Tea Campaign´s pocket!

Here is an example: the price for 1000g Darjeeling First Flush is $70.00; each donation is $2.00. If the customer clicks on the product-page on "no donation" in our drop-down window, his price will be $70.00. If he clicks e.g. on "$2.00 to Junior Achievement", then the Tea Campaign will donate $2.00 to Junior Achievment; at the same time the price for the tea drops from $70.00 to $68.00. If he clicks e.g. on "$2.00 each to Junior Achievement and The Learning Partnership", we will donate $2.00 each to Junior Achievement and The Learning Partnership; (in total $4.00); at the same time the price for the tea drops from $70.00 to $66.00.


I`m convinced that our "YOU buy - WE donate - YOU save"-concept is unique and highly attractive (even if the mark-up on the Tea Campaign´s side shrinks quite a bit!) But as I mentioned in one of the infographics on our website´s homepage: each and every company in this world is nested in a regional/national/global social network. And in these networks are many organizations/charities doing great work for the society, work which usually can not be done by individuals nor by profit-oriented companies. For that, "to create a better world" (which is a never ending process), I think the support of those organizations/charities should be the duty of everyone who can afford it. For that I developed "YOU buy - WE donate - YOU save" and hopefully many companies will copy this new approach!

Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn
Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn


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