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Creativity meets struggling entrepreneurs. Brainstorming over a Tea.

While sipping on my favourite cup of Darjeeling tea and watching some videos about the Entrepreneur-program for kids ("Entrepreneurial Adventure") on "The Learning Partnership"-website (an organization that´s part of our donation-program) I got an idea:

What if the tremendous creativity of school-kids and-teenagers the Learning Partnership is working with could be matched with less successful or struggling small companies and startups to help them to succeed?

If you run a company...

... you are bombarded daily with all kinds of advices, recommendations, strategies etc. about how to succeed, how to grow, how to gain new customers, how to convert visitors of your website into customers, how to, how to, how to... You may attend a Marketing-Meetup, and after 45 minutes you know exactly how you can get big like Apple - but in a less shorter time as the giant! You hear every day exclusive stories and best practises about sucessful enterprises.

But here is the thing:

You, as a startup or small company, you are a one man- (or women-) show; you work alone! You are a sole proprietor (or may be better: a "lonesome" proprietor) who was unfortunately born with only one head, two arms, two legs and one butt to sit on when writing a post on Facebook (right hand) and organizing invoices for the Revenue Agency (left hand). You lack manpower! But it can be worse. You may lack marketing-strategies and -experience. You may not have the best communication-skills in your neighbourhood. Maybe your creativity will not erupt, and accounting is the pure atrocity for you. But worst of all: You might not even have known about your lack all these skills. One day you had this idea or product and you thought: wow, that´s great; everybody will love it and buy it. But unfortunately it didn´t happen. If only there were creative helpers...

I called...

... the National Program Manager of The Learning Partnership and told her about my idea. She found it an interesting new approach and wrote me a few days later in an email: "It sounds very intriguing and definitely merits discussion with my colleagues... The notion of partnering with a struggling company would give some real-life experience and creativity." But she also mentioned the short program of only 4 month/year and other new programs that could be a barrier for and additional new program. But nonetheless, I will wait and see if my suggestion will bear fruit one day.

Oh yes, before I forget. One thing you need most as an entrepreneur is:




Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn
Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn


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