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OK, this hasn´t anything to do with tea. But with Canada. With the future of Canada. The Trudeaumetre is a great website where everyone can track what happens with the promises that the Liberals made during their election-campaign, e.g. if they are in process, executed or broken. The site, a so called "non-partisan collaborative citizen initiative" was created by Dom Bernard. The site needs some improvements like e.g. copies of documents published on the Liberal´s website (just in case they will be deleted one day from the Liberal´s website and nobody can remember exactly the content of the pledges) etc. But still, in my eyes a great idea that helps to make a democracy more democratic.

The only thing I dislike is the name of the website. It´s a personalization that reminds me (not in a good sense!) of the "Harper government". It should be about a polical party and about its ideas, programs and work, not about a single person!

Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn
Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn


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