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Ottawa: our tea now at Cedars & Co. Food Market

Although it is well known that we don´t sell our tea to retailers, each rule has its exceptions. One of these exceptions is Cedars & Co. Food Market in Ottawa, 1255 Bank St. The reason is a very simple one: I love this Food Market. It´s family owned, the food is always fresh and there is always a helpful person around who guides me to the hidden sundried tomatoes or to a certain avocado oil.

Quite a number of the products are organic. There´s also a pretty good Shawarma with reasonable prices and awesome Pakoras. And as Marilyn, one of the owners, loves our Darjeeling tea as much as I love her store, it was "unavoidable" that our Darjeeling ended up on one of her tea-shelves. Sometimes the world can be so simple - in a good sense.

Ok, enough for now. I have to pick up the tea for Marilyn at Ottawa Logistics, the fulfillment Centre where all our tea is stored and shipped from. Tomorrow it has to be on the shelf...

Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn
Dr. Hans-Juergen Langenbahn


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