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Main import countries for Darjeeling tea. Canada "far beyond Eden".

The latest data from tell us that from July 05. - August 03.2016 the bulk of Darjeeling tea was exported to Germany (46.93%), The Netherlands (20.15%) and Japan (12.47%). This is a total of 79.55%!

The forth-largest importer during this period of time are the US (7.12%), followed by Canada with 2.31%.

If we compare the value of the Canadian import (16,520.18USD) with that of Germany (335,749.17USD) we clearly see that Canada is still a micro-importer of this sought after tea.

The question is: what can be done that Canadians get aware of the unique taste of Darjeeling tea and more of this tea is imported and consumed? We at Tea Campaign Canada do our best, but more action of all tea importers and stores is required. In the US and even more in Canada, Darjeeling tea is still a "Sleeping Beauty".

Alexa Klopfenstein
Alexa Klopfenstein


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