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The Customer’s Brand

Who owns the Darjeeling Tea brand? From the perspective of the Tea Board of India, the producer owns the brand. Modern marketing would seem to indicate otherwise, especially with the advent of social media.

As a consumer purchasing certified organic tea of the highest quality, and, telling others about the tremendous value afforded by Tea Campaign’s product offer, in a sense, the consumer owns the brand. Why would this be the case?

What it means to purchase the tea, confident of a square deal with high quality and high value at its core, the consumer forms the meaning of buying this amazing product. Taken a step further, it is the consumer who owns the brand of Darjeeling — without the purchase, no amount of high quality cache and prize winning accolades would matter. The consumer is the one who uses, and raves, about the taste to friends and family. The consumer becomes the ambassador of the brand. It is the consumer who then forms and drives the attributes of the brand and its success.

As a consumer/brand owner, Tea Campaign works hard to ensure the highest quality tea at the lowest possible price for the benefit of the consumer. Your patronage is the indicator that we’re doing a good job. The development and promotion of the brand becomes a co-creation between Tea Campaign and its customers; the promotion of Tea Campaign is driven by the consumer, You. We’ll continue to work hard in support of your brand.

Matthew Healy
Matthew Healy


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November 12, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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