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The Graduation Event

Graduation convocation is a time of relief and happiness.

I recently graduated from a teacher training program at Algonquin College. Last night, I attended my Convocation, and here’s what I took away from the Event:

  1. As a final, closing chapter in one’s studies, Convocation is amazing. You’ve arrived;
  2. All Graduates are nervous and unsure of what is going to happen at the Event — this is no problem as the Institution knows what it’s doing and will take care of you;
  3. The Event will be long, or, at least will appear to take a while. No surprise here, as once you’ve walked across the stage, you want to move on;
  4. You will feel proud of your accomplishments. This is perfect as you’ve earned the accomplishments which have culminated in you graduating;
  5. It goes without saying, but, stay hydrated, as you’ll be standing for a while. Better yet, have a cup of tea before hand as the water and caffeine will sustain you;
  6. Family and friends are an amazing part of the Event. Having them there to share in your joy is no small part of the awesomeness of Convocation;
  7. The Traditions behind Convocation are well established from many centuries of precedent. Take the Event in and enjoy the experience.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed Convocation last night. It had been a while since I last walked across a graduation stage. Hopefully, this experience will be continued.



Matthew Healy
Matthew Healy


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