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Tea for you, Darjeeling tea

Our Selected Darjeeling contains not only the famous harvests of spring (First Flush) and summer (Second Flush), but also carefully chosen teas plucked outside of these two main harvests. For non-main harvest teas we have to pay less, and that`s why we can offer our Selected Darjeeling for an extraordinary low price. Nonetheless the Selected Darjeeling is a great tea! Its flavour is similar to First Flush, but it has a fuller body and it is darker in colour, closer to the Second Flush.

This tea is certified organic by IMO Switzerland and selected from the following NATURLAND-certified tea garden in Darjeeling: PUSSIMBING.

This tea has been tested by SOFIA GmbH Berlin, Germany, for 508 possible chemical residues. The results is printed on the reverse of each package.

Selected Darjeeling Tea, 250 g; organic certified
Selected Darjeeling, 250 g. Harvest 2014. $14.50
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