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Darjeeling, the "Champagne of Teas"

A sought after tea

The region of Darjeeling, on the southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains in India, is the source of one of the world's finest teas; some say its finest tea. Grown at high to extreme altitudes, on steep slopes, in a cool climate with intensive sunshine during the summer months, Darjeeling tea has a distinct and unique flavor.

Because the annual harvest is limited, Darjeeling tea is very sought after and will always be special. It`s flavor cannot be replicated anywhere else. And not without reason Darjeeling tea is called the "champagne of teas."

A rare variety

The Darjeeling tea bushes belong to a variety that is found outside China and Japan only in Darjeeling and the Caucasus: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis. Characteristic for this variety are its small leaves and long roots. The bushes can also withstand very good cold temperatures and are therefore ideal for growing in higher altitudes.

The land of thunderbolt

Darjeeling is a district of the West Bengal state in northeastern India, bordering Nepal and Bhutan; the district’s capital is also named Darjeeling. The name “Darjeeling” comes from the Tibetan words “dorje” (thunderbolt, originally "the scepter of Indra") and “ling” (place or land), hence “the land of the thunderbolt.” 

Darjeeling, the Champagne of Teas