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Teekampagne/WWF: Reforestation in Darjeeling

The German Teekampagne initiated in 1992, 7 years after its foundation, a project in Darjeeling called SERVE ("Save the Environment and Regenerate Vital Employment"). It´s was established as a long-term project with the target of a sustainable environmental and economic development. The project is still ongoing.

SERVE is exclusively funded by the Teeampagne and since 1996 executed by the WWF-India.

The project is flourishing more than ever. 22 nurseries supply the area with trees, and 210 hectares were reforested so far. 13 schools work closely with the WWF. Education, workshops, research and support of the population led - and still lead - to a great number of diverse and visible results. All these positive results encouraged local officials to collaborate with the Teeampagne and WWF to bring even more improvements to the area. See below the latest annual WWF-reports.