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Unique Quality Assurance

All our teas are submitted to rigorous testing. After processing, tea masters carefully select the best organic teas in blind cup tastings. From each batch of these selected teas a sample is sent to the SOFIA-laboratory in Berlin/Germany for meticulous residue analyses.

Thanks to SOFIA-laboratory, Berlin (Germany), for this photo

We do this for a good reason: more than 400 pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are used in tea production around the globe! All our teas are tested for exactly 508 possible residues! We don´t want you to have a single one of them in your morning- or afternoon-tea!
We tell you exactly what´s in our teas and what´s not: the results of the laboratory´s residue analyses are printed on the reverse of each package.

In addition, our tracking system allows you to follow each package back to the tea garden it comes from! (In preparation.)

Nowhere else in North American will you find a comparable quality control and top-quality Darjeeling tea at our prices.