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We Cherish Simplicity

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex,
but it takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage –
to move in the opposite direction”, Albert Einstein once said.

An Ottawa based tea company

The Ottawa based Tea Campaign Canada, as a retailer and part of the network of the German Teekampagne, has dared to make such a move. We share the Teekampagne`s philosophy of smart simplicity to supply people with a superior product - not for an over inflated, but for an affordable price! Our common business model is called the 'campaign’ principle. This means in the words of the Teekampagne:

We are focused on a single type of tea

We buy in bulk, directly from tea gardens

We sell most of our tea after the arrival of a new harvest

We sell in large packages

All this enables the Teekampagne-network to supply its customers with a pure Darjeeling tea at an extravagantly low price. And because more and more people like our simple approach, the Teekampagne has become (continue right column):

The World`s Largest Importer of Organic Darjeeling Tea!

"From David to Goliath"

The Teekampagne (or, in English, "Tea Campaign") was founded in Berlin, Germany, in 1985. From its humble beginnings in a small basement apartment for a small rent at the Free University of Berlin, the Teekampagne grew to the world`s largest importer of genuine organic Darjeeling tea. The Tea Campaign Canada is part of the steadily growing Teekampagne-network, currently with its headquarter in Germany, representations in USA, Canada and New Zealand and regular customers in many European countries like Spain, France, the Netherlands and other countries.

Healthy Environment, Healthy Tea, Healthy People!

Our "parent" company, the Teekampagne, has long invested in the environmental health of Darjeeling, the district in India where our tea comes from. All teas sold within the Teekampagne-network are not only organically produced and certified but also regularly tested for 486 (!) potential, in the tea industry widely used chemical residues, from herbicides to pesticides and fungicides (which may be transported by wind from neighbouring, non-certified tea-gardens). The results of these tests are printed on each tea package.

Spread the Word! 

The Teekampagne-network has grown by word of mouth, not through traditional marketing methods. The saved advertising money lowers the price for our customers. Help us to keep our prices low and spread the word here in Canada too!!

   Learn more about the man behind the Teekampagne, Professor Günter  Faltin, and his understanding of entrepreneurship.

Professor Günter Faltin, creator of
Projektwerkstatt, Teekampagne and
the Foundation for entrepreneurship